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Mass Extinction: The Early Years


Ashley Dawson | Extinction: A Radical History | OR Books | July 2016 | 13 minutes (3,487 words)


Below is an excerpt from Extinction: A Radical History, by Ashley Dawson, who argues that contemporary mass extinction is a result of the excesses of the capitalist system. In this chapter, Dawson gives a brief history of the ecocidal societies that came before ours. This story is recommended by Longreads contributing editor Dana Snitzky.

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“Gilgamesh listened to the word of his companion, he took the axe in his hand, he drew the sword from his belt, and he struck Humbaba with a thrust of the sword to the neck, and Enkidu his comrade struck the second blow. At the third blow Humbaba fell. Then there followed a confusion for this was the guardian of the forest whom they had felled to the ground. For as far…

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The Fourth Way and Alchemical Operations

kundalini Quicksilver

When we discuss the term “alchemy,” it is first important for us to define what this science is. The general idea, is that one element will ultimately be transformed into another that is more desirable, at least in terms of the subject matter at hand. In terms of working with the Fourth Way material of G.I. Gurdjieff, it largely focuses on the spiritual alchemy of man.

Being at risk for biting off more than we can chew at one sitting, let us attempt to convey these ideas simplistically, without necessarily having familiarized ourselves with the “language” of the Fourth Way reading materials.

In the chart we are shown various elements that at first glance may be seemingly familiar to a chemist, or someone that has come across a periodic table; this notion is assuredly grossly erroneous. The elements spoken of by Gurdjieff’s student, P.D. Ouspensky, in his book, “In Search…

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January 24, 2015 In Herbal Research

Large-scale assays:

Medicinal plants against multidrug-resistant enteropathogenic bacteria infecting hospitalized children under 5 (Abstract)

Thai medicinal plants against cervical and oral cancers (Abstract)

Herbal combinations:

Peganum harmala seeds, Rhus coriaria fruit, and Urtica dioica leaves: antidiabetic, hypolipidemic, liver and renal damage-recovering effects in rats (Abstract)

Single herbs:

Artemisia annua: effects on neutrophils (Abstract, Free full text)

Chrysanthemum zawadskii var. latilobum: hair growth-stimulating effect in mice (Abstract)

Ayahuasca: Adverse Events Evaluation

A recent review has evaluated the existing evidence of adverse reactions to ayahuasca – a hallucinogenic brew, used for religious or medicinal purposes, traditionally from the Northwestern Amazon region. The assessment of reports of severe intoxications due to the intake of ayahuasca or its alkaloids suggests that most cases can be traced back to pre-existing hepatic or cardiac conditions and/or concomitant use of other serotonergic drugs/medications; and that caution should be exercised with the use of botanical species not traditionally used or synthetic analogues of the alkaloids contained in ayahuasca.