The purpose of this blog is to help you to stay current on the scientific research conducted for the study of medicinal herbs. You may find it particularly useful if you are an herbal researcher, a practising herbalist, or someone interested in the medicinal use of herbs.

Multiple studies have been published on medicinal herbs and herbal combinations to date. The number of herb-related studies indexed in PubMed has been increasing exponentially over the last decade. About a hundred studies are added to PubMed every week. Compared with the turn of the century, a truly massive amount of published scientific evidence on this topic is currently available.

However, staying up to date with this information may be difficult. Not only one has to sift through an increasingly abundant amount of data, the scientific language is dry and hard to understand without special training.

This blog was started to make this task easier in both aspects. Apart from constantly staying abreast on the published research, we also try to make the information from some of the most interesting studies more accessible, so that it may be understood by those without an extensive scientific background.

If you have any suggestions on the topics you would like to see covered, please add them as a comment to any article. We wish you a happy journey in the sea of herbs!


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