On The Question Of Environmental Impact Of Exotic Herb Use

Although chocolate consumption has been heavily promoted in the recent years by health authorities and enthusiasts alike, it may not be the solution to the modern health problems if environmental consequences are to be taken into account. As suggested by a study conducted in Germany, high consumption of stimulant foods, such as tea, cocoa, coffee, and wine, leads to an unbalanced “virtual land use” – a measure of food sustainability on a national level. Reduction of consumption of these items together with following the officially recommended diet would ameliorate the problem. On the other hand, a switch to lacto-ovo-vegetarian or vegan diet would result in positive balance, even without dodging the stimulants.

This brings up an interesting perspective of viewing nature and health as two intrinsically connected properties. Unfortunately, this vision is not fully represented in modern health movements. The reason for this is, perhaps, the high degree of differentiation between scientific disciplines. Scientists study their single area of discipline, rarely connecting between each other. The mindset of our brightest ones affects the society in general. Hence, we often forget to look at the other end of the stick, even when caring for the greater good. We should be mindful of this broader perspective even – and especially – when we are looking to take care of ourselves.

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