October 29, 2013 In Herbal Research


Arbuscular mycorrhiza and its influence on the constituent profile of plants (PubMed)

Hepatotoxicity of herbs: preexisting conditions may affect the quality of the data (PubMed)

Intestinal absorption and bioavailability of traditional Chinese herbal medicines: a review of methods of analysis (PubMed)

studies on individual botanicals

Hypnea musciformis (red algae): anti-inflammatory effect (PubMed)

Polygala cyparissias: gastroprotection (PubMed)

Selaginella tamariscina: antidiabetic, antihyperlipidaemic and antioxidant activity (PubMed)

individual Constituents

Berberine: jejunal motility (PubMed)

Flavonoids: cardioprotection (PubMed)

Rosmarinic acid: diabetes-induced vascular dysfunction (PubMed)

Ethnobotanical Surveys

Australian aboriginal medicine (PubMed) (free article)

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